5 basic steps for a great WordPress blog

How to Start a Blog? No matter what I'm about to tell you, I am very happy that you are reading this blog! My purpose is to tell all the important things in a very simple way so that you can start a better blogging site, and most importantly, for blog-post you will not need any special technical knowledge or coding at all.
I know when I started blogging for the first time, I did not even have a knowledge about the blog, and for this I did not do special training or any course, just gathering all the knowledge from youtube paid video.
I promise you that whatever steps I will tell, they will be very easy and simple and you will not have any problem in understanding. OK! Now go ahead without any delay.
Why start the blog?
5 basic steps for a great WordPress blog
5 basic steps for a great WordPress blog
You may have many reasons for this, some of which may be for some reason.
Note: If you have a very good banging idea, then start the heading, leaving all four points.
You want to be a writer - there is no doubt that any publisher who wants to publish a book (author) of a writer who is already famous in his writing area and blogging through the internet They can easily get rid of these trials.
You want to disseminate some of your existing business - it is a good thing that you can sit comfortably in a place where you can promote your business products through the blog and sell it online.
You want to earn money by sitting at home - this is the best reason that you want to earn money by blogging at home (9 to 5 offices get rid of and no bash of the boss). Making money from blogging is a bit of hard work, but it is not objectionable, initially, there are some problems but later ... I can bet that you will not get a better job than this.
Or is it a hobby - to encourage others by sharing a better experience related to their life, sharing their life story, blogging is a perfect place for all these things
So are you one of those four points because of what you want to do blogging? If it is! So you have come to understand how much benefit the blog has. Go ahead!
5 basic steps to start a blog
There are 5 main points to start a blog, and it does not need any coding to do this, only you should come running the keyboard and mouse. (If you are doing a mobile phone then just have your fingers run fast on the keypad).
  1. What are your blogs about (Decide what to blog about)
  2. Choose a blogging platform (Choose a better blogging platform)
  3. Choose a preferred domain name (Pick a suited domain name)
  4. Choose Web Hosting for Self-Hosted Platform (Choose a web hosting for Self-Hosted Platform)
  5. And finally, design your blog by installing WordPress (Install WordPress, Design Your Blog & Use!)
  6.  If you follow these one points, then your own blog will be ready in a few minutes.

1. What is your blog about

As I mentioned earlier, you may have many reasons to start a blog, then you just have to pick one particular reason and start blogging in any one area accordingly. But the biggest difficulty is that what would be the best thing for you, then there is no need to worry at all. I'm going to tell you some better ideas.
Take some time to honestly, take some time to sit in a quiet place, take a copy and pen and make a list of what you are better in - which topic. Then, after taking into account the "foothold of honesty", choose one of the topics that you can write a very good and highly regarded article (blog).
If you have a talent in which there is no better than you, and you can talk about it in a very simple and better way, then you can think without any thought about this merit (talent) Can start blogging in
Apart from all this, if you are more uninterested in anything, that means you are so grateful that if you need your lover (or boyfriend) in its rounds if you prefer to be an owl, you really love me. Nothing can be done for blogging.
In the end, if things are business, then you will know which area your business is.
The most important thing is that in whatever area you choose, you are passionate about your mind and heart. I have seen one thing among a lot of people that after a few days of debate, if the result is not available, then start thinking about starting blogging in the other area, which becomes the biggest cause of failure.
Take a look at what I have said in Points and choose a great area and write time on your blogging, as well as articles on better topics.

2. Choose the blogging platform for the blog

There are so many blogging platforms for starting a blog or website in this world of the Internet and all bloggers have different opinions about who is the best. But in your mind it will be going on that if you find a free platform, then it will be fun.
You will surely find the blogging platform of free types, like - Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Tumblr.com, Medium.com, Wix.com, SquareSpace.com, Web.com, etc. (WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform - it has to pay money)
Most bloggers start blogging on "self-hosted Wordpress platform", which means that almost 30% of the people around the world are using self-hosted WordPress advertising and by February 2017 more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites If WordPress was used, then without a doubt, you can use it only.
If you are new and have zero money then you start blogging from the Blogger.com platform. After a few days, gradually you will understand the basics related to blogging, then you can start your own blogging with the world's best self-hosting blogging platform.
The most important thing is that both WordPress.com and WordPress.org are different.
WordPress.com is a Hosted Platform.
WordPress.org is a self-hosted platform, on which you have to take hosting.
5 basic steps for a great WordPress blog
5 basic steps for a great WordPress blog

3. Choose "domain name" for the blog

  • Domain Name means Web address ie www.DomainName.com; If someone wants to open "your website or blog" then by entering your domain name in the URL of the browser, as soon as you press the enter button, your "website or blog" will open.
  • For example technicalswaroop.ooo This is the domain name of my blog.
  • If you want to start a blog on BlogSpot.com, WordPress.com or any hosted platform then your web address will be www.DomainName.BlogSpot.com or www.DomainName.WordPress.com. It feels very long and does not even have fun.
  • In real terms, it is a matter of self-hosted means that the domain name itself is something else. You will have to spend some money to get your own favorite domain name like www.technicalswaroop.ooo. Domains Registrar like NameCheap, Hostindia or GoDaddy Rs 99 Or 99+ Rs.  
  • I would like to give you some great feedback from my experience in choosing domain names:
  • Choose a domain name that is easy to remember, speak and understand.
  • Get a domain name with .com extension if possible; My own belief is that regardless of the language of your site, those who speak and read are also abroad.
  • If you want to personally bring the people of your country to your site like - India, then get a domain name with .in extension.
  • Apart from .com and .in, there are more extensions such as: - .net, .org, .co.in, .co etc., only take any of these extensions if your site is especially relevant to them.
  1. Do not use words and numbers such as @,%, -, $ etc. and in the domain name.
  2. Do not choose a bigger name, try to choose the 12-letter name.
  3. If you are thinking of doing something bangy in the future, that means you have to make a website that you are bigger, bigger, and do not know how big but keep growing. Then you choose a domain name which does not make sense to you and is small but easy to speak, like - bing.com, paypal.com, samsung.com and so on.
If you want to create a blog that is just making money, then you should choose a domain name that starts with keywords (Keywords: Tech, howto, resource, guide, SEO etc ...). Example: TechNews, HowToBasic, GuideComputer and so on.

4. Choose Web Hosting for Self-Hosted Blogs

Are you still reading? Okay !!!

This means that you want to make a self-hosted blog.
What is web hosting? Web hosting is a method of internet computer in which you can keep every single text article, picture article, or video articles in safe surveillance of Server Security, Best of all, you can earn money from all these articles. So it was you to understand the definition and still do not understand if I understand you in the simplest language - you should start blogging without fear, without any fear that your blog can be a thief because of this thing Whole responsibilities are to web hosting providers, their job is to keep your blogs safe.
The website that gives more than 100 web hosting websites is present in the world of Ithe internet. You will offer all these similar services (hosting + domain) at almost the same price, but to whom it is best to take hosting, this is a very important thing.
Talking about web hosting, 2 special things are mater for it! like
  1. Technical support should be 24/7, whether it is toll-free phone calling or email support or live chat.
  2. Unlimited Hosting (Bandwidth + Storage)
I have monitored the services of web hosting providers in many affordable prices, such as Godaddy, HostGator, BlueHost etc., all of them are BlueHost
I have monitored the services of web hosting providers in many affordable prices, such as Godaddy, HostGator, BlueHost etc.. All of these are well served by BlueHost. With BlueHost, you can take hosting.
I use SiteGround, if you take my opinion, then I would advise you to take a hosting from SiteGround. The rest is definitely a bit costly, but its service is very tearful and the problems related to page load are all in the rest (especially GoDaddy) SiteGround has not had any problem yet.
(I have not eaten any money from SiteGround, personally depending on the service, I like taking web hosting from SiteGround, so that's why you have to use it.)

5. Design your blog by installing WordPress

After choosing web hosting, you must log in to the control panel of your host provider - that is,
If you have taken web hosting from Bluehost, then log in to the BlueHost Control Panel (Cpanel);
You will see a line named website builders as soon as you login in panel;
In that line, the install WordPress icon will appear; click on it;
After clicking, you will see a button of Installation Continue (if using a different hosting company other than the Bluehost, then Start or the corresponding option will appear) click on it;
After clicking, you have to select the domain in the next screen on which you want to install WordPress;
Now you have to enter your preferred domain name and proceed by pressing the Next button (you may see some options like Plugin, etc., leaving it at the moment, after installing it will get a lot of better plugins, which you use as per your blog design. will that do) ;
After pressing the Next button, you have to select your User Name or Title, fill in whatever you want to name your site (blog). You can keep your domain name (excluding .com or .in) or related to it like my domain is technicalswaroop.ooo and the title of my site is correct and incorrect;
  1. Next, you will have to select the User Name and Password (password) so that you can log in to the WordPress Control Panel by inserting the same username and password when you need to install WordPress. (Note - Never select the username "Admin");
  2. Finally, enter your email ID in the given option and read "Read and agree to the Terms" carefully (if desired) and complete the WordPress installation by ticking the box provided and after completing your blogging site Design your mind.
  3. So now what? Hmmm !!!
  4. Congratulations, you have created your own self-hosted WordPress site i.e. a site and then you own it, you have made your own land on your own internet!
Now you can start writing posts using the best HD royalty free image on this website.
Friends, I hope you understand my information. If there are any problems, please make a comment, I will also remove your troubles by commenting. Thanks!
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