Tim Berners Lee's New Internet Is coming | No one can save your data

Hallo Friends, welcome to Technical Swaroop. My name is Swaroop Dora. Today we will talk of 'A New Internet'

Why a New Internet will come?

You would have seen in Internet, many large companies like FaceBook, Twitter, Instagran, Google, YouTube, and many other social networking sites stores your data and use it against you. There companies become one of the world's large company and earn in billion.
First they show you social networking, and you connect with your friends, then stole your data and your field of interest. They play ads of your's interest and make a huge profit. So, there is no doubt that they are making us fool. So, we need a new internet.

Who proposed the idea of the new internet?

Tim Berners Lee's New Internet Is coming | No one can save your data
Tim Berners Lee's New Internet Is coming | No one can save your data

You know who invented WWW. This is invented by Sir Tim Berners Lee. In 1995 WWW was ready and people started using it. He has make it's concept much before in 1989.
Tim Berners Lee is now alive and also working as an active person. This is a good thing for us that the person win make www is now alive. To some extent we can tell he has made the internet. He is alive even today.

What is the different between WWW and internet

The difference between the internet and WWW. Internet means many interconnected, internationally connected computers. In the other hand, WWW is a service that works on the internet.
Let me also tell you HTTP is also made by Sir Tim Berners Lee.
The social networking sites work on web and web pages. The Protocol (HTTP OR https) they use is made by sir Tim Berners Lee. He makes it thinking that it will be a platform to share any information for free. But it becomes a platform of earning.

What is free in the internet world?

Now you are knowing that there is nothing free in this dull world. For anything you have to pay somewhat amount either directly or indirectly. You see ads, through which many internet companies earn. The data you fill i.e. your age, your interest etc. is taken by them and sell them to other company and earn heavily but easily or using this they promote election. Data is a very big thing. and using this a large amount can be earn. When the data is of the whole world, then that is variable than a truck of diamond.

Concept of new internet?

Tim Berners Lee is thinking of making a new internet. Yes a BRAND new internet. In which any website or company or social media company will not store you data rather you will store your own data.
I don't know how many technical channel and websites have talk about this new internet. But it is my responsibility that I should talk about that we will have a new internet.
It's name is solid. Sir Tim Berners Lee is working on it because the dream that he have saw of free and fair internet in which no one will use other data, every one will have equal right and freedom on internet and there should not be any cheat with anyone.
So, he think, if he can make www, http, html. So, he can also make a new internet.

What is the new internet concept?

What is the new internet concept. Sir Tim Berners Lee has name it Solid. Yes Solid! Here all your data collected from your internet searches, reading news, all your history, your photos you share, any thing you download or upload into internet will not store by any other website like facebook, google etc. Rather all your data will be save in a POD.
what is POD

What is the concept of POD?

Tim Berners Lee gave make a new concept of POD. Now what is POD. It's full form is personal data storage. POD can be different different segment of your computer stored data. The thing that you serving will now store in your computer is the concept. That data's small small segment is known as POD.

Where your data is stored in new internet(SOLID)?

If I am using a Solid POD the data will be stored in my computer. In future when I will use internet, then my data will be uploaded. I can share it to the one I wanting.
Now what is happening - Our is stored in facebook and other servers. THIS concept tells that our data will be in our hand and no one can earn from our data.

What is the problem with old internet?

We aren't knowing this weather FaceBook is storing our DATA in there servers or not. We are sharing our photo, files, and interest. Now it there understanding how they will handle this data. Here our data is now safe.

What is the advantage of solid platform?

We will have our data in our hand using solid platform. We can save POD in USB drive, Hard Disk or in a hosting.

When new internet project will be completed?

Tim Berners Lee will complete the new internet in this year. And he will travel to different place and tell developer how they can use solid platform. So new developer will make new platform like google, and facebook. And there our data will be safe and no one can play with our privacy.

My final words on new internet- SOLID

This is a nice concept. If you are a real techy then you will like it and share it so that other will learn. I think you have understand what is SOLID and IF you have understand you have to comment about sir Tim Berners Lee's new internet that will change the world of internet.
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