Best SEO Strategy for 2019 | Rank Under 15 Days

I have heard many bloggers telling me, that their article had been crowled in Google. But it's showing on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th or even tenth page of Google. It doesn't rank on 1st of Google. Due to which, chance of getting visiters decreases, to very low percent. In this article, I will tell you the best SEO strategy for 2019 to bet your competitor and rank in first position or page of Google. Many bloggers are not knowing this simple SEO strategy, to make their articles better than their competitor and rank in first position. This seo strategy, is my secret seo strategy, which help me to rank on Google. This is best the seo strategy for 2019. I want to make it clear that, this SEO strategy had never told, to you on any youtube video or on any blog post. I am sharing this SEO strategy first time here.
Today we will get to know about my secret and best SEO strategy till today. First of all, get, set, and ready to get the Google's first position.
Hello friends. How are you all? I am Swaroop digital marketer, SEO amd SMO expert and pro blogger; welcoming you to Technical Swaroop. This method will help you in ranking your article on Google's first page. You can rank your article, your landing page, your affilate product, your youtube video, your online form and many more and that's too in easy manner. let's explore best seo strategy for 2019

Bro listen, this seo strategy is very simple and I know no one have ever tell you about this. I am sharing it first time here. All the blogger and pro blogger including me use this method to rank our post to top.

Let's see What actually happen? In a keyword, some article rank in first page. But, others articles (which is includs your article) doesn't rank in 1st page of Google. This means that the top ranking articles are best in google point of view. So, what we will do now? First we will pick the top 5 ranking articles on the first page of google. After picking them we will analyze them. First we will analyze manually, secondly by using tools. What tools we can use here? Here, we can only use ahref tool. Using Ahref tool, we can know, where their 5 article rank? and on what keywords they rank? and what is their seo quality? etc.
Note that We can also use other free tools instead of ahref. But we may not get the exact data or we will get only some data.

What are the steps of analyzing articles?

  1. Check what's the maximum numbers of words used by the top ranking articles?
  2. First step, is be to pick, those top 5 ranking article, and analyze them. See what is maximum number of word is used in those articles? Let one article have use 565words, other have use 1000words and third-article has 1500 words. So you have to use 1500 words or more in your article on that particular keywords. And note, that your article must have more words, than the top articles.
  3. Check what the maximum times targeted keywords is used?
  4. Again analyze those top 5 ranking articles, and see what is the maximum number of times, they have use that targeted keyword. You have to use one or two or three more keywords, than maximum number of keywords those top 5 articles have used.
  5. How much images is used?
  6. You have to analyze and see who have use maximum number of images. And in your article you have to use more images than those top 5 ranking articles. For example first article has 2 images, second article has 3images. So the maximum images used is 3. Thus you have to use more than 3 images.
  7. Check weather there is any youtube video?
  8. Check the top 5 top ranking article and see in those articles, do any one have given any youtube video. If yes, they have given, you have to also use youtube video in your article. If no, then best, now it will be easier for you to rank by giving a youtube video.
  9. Check for GIF images?
  10. Also see, if their is any GIF images or not. If those article have GIF images, then you have to use more than the maximum number of GIF images used. If there is no gif image that's best, you add one GIF image to your article, will boost your ranking.
  11. who have given maximum number of refer links?
  12. Then see, which articles have maximum number of refer link? After knowing what is the maximum number of refer link. You will give more refer link than the maximum number. for example first article has given 2 refer links, second article has 5 refer links, third has 4. Then you have to give more than 5 refer link in your article that is 6 or 7.
    Note that: Refer link means giving other's article link in your article.
  13. What is the maximum number of backlinks taken?
  14. After analyzing all there things comes the turn of ahref tool. In ahref tool we will see where those 5 articles have taken backlink. What we will do? we will go to all that place where they all have taken backlink. And we will take the backlink for our article. Let those 5 article have taken 5 backlink each. Then we will take 25. Now we will have more backlinks than those 5 articles.
Now you have your total list ready. According to my data. What was the maximum words used in my competitor's articles? It was 1500. What was the maximum number of images to use? That's 5. and there was no youtube video and no gif images. If we talk of interlinking. It was 5. And refer links ware also 5.

According to my data said above. The article that I will write, will have minimum 1500 words, 5 images, I will add a gif image and a youtube video. That's all on page work is over.
note: you have to analyze the top 5 article according to your keyword.

After that, one more thing comes under on-page SEO. That's outbound and inter links. You have to find among those 5 article who have use maximum inter linking and who have given more outbound links. And note there information. For example- interlinks be '5' and outbound links also be '5'. Then the article I will write must have more than them all, that's inter links '6' and outbound links '6'.
After doing there things, comes the turn of backlink. Maximum people takes backlink through commenting and thats from a high DA and PA website. For example: All those 5 article have taken 5 backlink each. What you will do? You will find where they have taken backlink by using ahref tool. You will mix all them and make 25 backlinks. Doing there all, your article will rank on Google in 10-15 day's.


This is my strategy. I rank my articles like this. I think you have understood this strategy. if you have not understood tell me, I will make a partical video on it. If you don't know how to create backlik, comment. I will tell you the easiest way. How was this article. Tell me in comment. i am Swaroop thanking you, for reading my article. Thank you and good bye.
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Wow,Much informative article.Thanks for sharing.

swaroop dora
November 26, 2018 at 6:18 PM ×

thank you i am filling motivated

max simth
February 24, 2019 at 10:33 AM ×

This online journal is so pleasant to me. I will continue coming here over and over. Visit my connection too.. Buy Google Ratings

Lee Jane
March 18, 2019 at 8:38 PM ×

thanks for sharing


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