How to Get High Quality Backlinks from Wikipedia for Free?

Friends, if you have a blog, website or YouTube channel. You must have tension. i.e.

  1. How to get unlimited traffic to your blog or YouTube channel?
  2. How to create high-quality backlinks?

These two problems, new blogger suffer the most. Free unlimited traffic, and a high-quality backlink from Wikipedia, to increase your Google ranking and SEO position. Today, we will learn to get a high-quality backlink from Wikipedia for free.

How to Get High Quality Backlinks from Wikipedia for Free

Many of you are not knowing how to get-

  1. Unlimited traffic from Wikipedia
  2. High-quality backlinks from Wikipedia for free

Hello friends, I am Swaroop. Welcome to Technical Swaroop. Every one is knowing about Wikipedia. You can't imagine it's monthly traffic! It's monthly traffic is not in million. It's in billion! Think, if you will get ba acklink from Wikipedia. Then you ranking will grow at a j-curve. If you have a YouTube channel. How many views you will get? You can get unlimited traffic from wikipedia by talking a backlink from Wikipedia. Then, how to get backlink from Wikipedia. That's simple read the whole article.

Let's began

Simple steps to get high quality backlink from Wikipedia

Follow there simple steps to get high quality backlink from Wikipedia. You can also get a unlimited traffic from wikipedia for free. I want to make it clear. Backlink from Wikipedia are very powerful. If you will take backlink. Obviously your ranking will increase. But also traffic will also increase. DA and PA of your site will be good. Let's learn how to take Wikipedia's backlinks?

  1. Create a account in Wikipedia
  2. Visit Select your language. Click on log in option on top right. You will get a simple form. Simply fill it. Click on create an account. How to Get High Quality Backlinks from Wikipedia for Free

  3. Open Wikigrabber
  4. Open Search for Wikigrabber. Click on the first link. then this website will open.

  5. Search your keyword in wikigrabber
  6. Search your keyword in the search box. Press enter. For example: I type pendrive.

  7. Click on deadlink tab on wikigrabber
  8. After the page load. Click on the option 'deadlink'. You will see many option.

  9. Click on wikipedia's link
  10. Find the option that follow with Wikipedia. Open one link in new tab. A wikipedia page will open.

    How to Get High Quality Backlinks from Wikipedia for Free

  11. Find the deadlink in wikipedia page
  12. Type CTRL+F on the board. Find both x will open. Type "deadlink" there. Then you will see a number that follow it. For example: the number be 3. Then press ctrl+f again and type [that number] and press enter. That is [3] (for me only).

    Note: The number will be different for you.

  13. Edit the deadlink
  14. Then you will get the cation of that deadlink. You will see edit option near heading. Click on it.
    Field just like blogger will open. On that page y, ou press ctrl+f on keyword and search deadlink. Before the dead link, you will see a website link. This url is deleted or defeated due to some issue.

    If you have written any post or video on that topic. If you haven't do it fast. Replace that url with you youtube video or article url. Then also change it's tithe title. Change the author name in that wikipedia box. Then click on publish changes.

    Note: Some time you will get a captcha.

Then you link is added to that Wikipedia post. If you will click on it, your article or video will open. Any one who will click on that link, you content will open directly. Friends you now know, to take backlink from wikipedia. To get traffic and ranking./

Which type of backlink you get from wikipedia?

Backlinks are of two types.
  1. Do-follow
  2. No-follow

The backlink you get from Wikipedia are no-follow. But you will get unlimited traffic. And also your website must have both Do-follow and No-follow backlinks. If you will take only Do-follow backlink. Then google will think you are spamming and using black hat technique. If you want your website at a good label. Then make both Do-follow and No-follow backlink. Actually no-follow backlink must be 30% and do-follow backlink must be 70%.

Conclusion | My Final Words

How to take backlink from wikipedia. You can use this method to take unlimited backlink to your unlimited website. At the same time increase your daily visiters. In this article I overall told you how to take unlimited traffic and backlink from wikipedia. if you have any doubt you comment i will reply I tot. If you like or you found this article useful then share it on facebook, twitter etc. Your's one share is your one thank to me. Thank you. Have a good day.

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