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What is linking?

What is linking?

The process of establishing relationship between two webpages(either same website or different) which is related to each other is called linking.

What is internal linking in SEO?

Internal linking in SEO is a process of linking a webpage to other webpage on same domain. It is a link to visit other pages of a site from one page.

what is automatic internal linking?

Automatically linking to different pages of a website (under same domain) is called automatic internal linking. It saves time and improves on-page SEO automatically. It decreases bounce rate. Improves views to older posts.

How to automate internal linking of blog posts?

Some code (pre-written) will be given to simplify your work. To automate internal linking follow there steps-

This steps are to be followed to automate internal linking in blogger. If you want to do this in wordpress you can try. Need my help comment below.

  1. Visit blogger dashboard, go to "theme", then click on "edit html".
  2. Search by pressing ctrl+f.
  3. Copy the CSS code (given below) and paste it before </head> tag.
  4. Again search for and and after this code paste the HTML code (given below).
  5. if you find 2-3 time then last one is the one you want. it depend upon your template

  6. Then save theme and view your blog post


CSS code »

or click here to download this code

HTML code »

or click here to download this code

What is minimum requirements for using automatic internal linking?

There are some minimum requirement for thing this trick. let's know whict are those.

  1. You should have minimum 4 post on each label
  2. To edit the design of link, you should have coding knowledge

What's the benefits of automatic internal linking?

Automatic internal linking has infinitely many benefits. Let's know some of them

  1. Increase watch time on your blog
  2. Increase on-page seo as internal linking is a part of it
  3. Older posts also get views
  4. Obviously saves your precious time

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