What is unique content? Way to hack competition

Before knowing what is unique content?, you should know what is content?

what is unique content?
what is unique content?

What is content?

Content is a info, view, conclusion or experience that are provided towards audience viewers or followers. Something which is to be express by some medium is known as content. Content can be a speech, writing or an art. The medium to express are internet, cinema, tv etc.

What Is Unique Content?

The content which is collected and published first from the primary source or a data which is new for search engines(like google, yahoo, bing etc.) are called unique content. Unique contents are new for search engines. It is not published by anyone else.
What Are the Advantages of Unique Content?

What Are the Advantages of Unique Content?

there are infinite advantages of unique content. in broad, unique content can increase your brand authority, increase seo and boast da. let us understand then nearly.
  1. Brand authority
  2. Your brand authoriz increases by writing unique content. You viewer will find your unique content only on your website. It will now be found any where in the internet. They will became your loyal readers. Now they will share it to other though different means. As the content is only on your site, people will remember your website. Thus brand authority will increase.
  3. Increase SEO
  4. If your content is unique then your seo increases. It is so because your bounce rate decreases. As the content is not found any where in internet expect you site. Then the reader will not have a choice to find the info from others website. So your seo ranking will increase.
  5. Boast DA
  6. By writing unique content your bounce rate will decrease and watch time will be more. So you on-page seo is superb. As on-page seo increase da boasts.

Now you have understood what is unique content. Now you will be having a doubt! The content which is not copy and pasted is unique content or not? The answer is no! That type of contents are known as plagiarism-free content. Let us understand what is plagiarism-free content? Why plagiarism contents are not unique contents? What is different between unique content and plagiarism-free content?

What Is Plagiarism-Free Content?

The content which is not copied from any where (or copied by giving their acknowledgement or giving then credit) is called plagiarism-free content. This kind of content can be written by referencing or taking idea without copy and pasting directly.

Why Plagiarism-Free Content Is Not Unique Content?

Plagiarism-free content can be found on others website. Although they represent in different way the same thing. But they are not unique because this is not new for search engines. Let us understand by this example-

You write a article on "how to make blog" the search engine already know about it so it is plagiarism-free content. In other hand i write a article on "how to make a star", as no one have written article on it. So my article is unique article. To write this article i have to research collect idea and add my experience.

Unique Content Vs Plagiarism-Free Content

Unique ContentPlagiarism-Free Content
Unique content are always plagiarism-free contentPlagiarism-free content are now always unique content
It is easy to rankIt may be difficult to rank
There content will not be on other's website, so no competition.There contents can be found on others website, so competition come to action.

My Special Words

Now you learnt want is unique content. How is it different from plagiarism-free contents? Now i will tell you a special advantage of unique content. The special advantage of unique content is new keyword. When you write a unique article then people understand the topic. Then they search on google about it so they will get only your result. Now you can add more article on that topic and get traffic for google easily. For example: facebook is most search keyword now. But before facebook was launched it has 0 searches. So facebook have created a new keyword 'facebook'. In this same way you can also make new keyword by writing unique content.

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