Advance High End Affiliate Marketing Blueprint & Action Plan

Hello friends, I am Swaroop (SEO expert, pro blogger and digital marketer). Welcoming you to Technical Swaroop. This article is on affiliate marketing secrets. You will learn advance affiliate marketing blueprint. I will also tell the way to apply this blueprint on your business. Action plan is important to be a successful affiliate marketer.

affiliate marketing blueprint

5 steps to be expert in affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing itself is not hard. But finding the way to do it is critical! So I have coined some strategies or blueprint. You can apply these action plan to your product. These blueprint can be applied to every product to promote. Follow these steps, to get J-curve in your sells. 5 steps to scale Mount Everest in affiliate marketing are as follow.

  1. Build a tool or service (free)
  2. As you know, many tools are available on internet. These tools helps in many ways. For example- tool for home designing, tool to choose right matched spectacle to your face and many more. Like this, make a tool or service related to your niche. By which you will help people. Try to solve a burning problem of your niche market. I will recommend you to make this tool or service free. (or to give for free if he refers other). So first step is to create a problem solving tool. In brief this tool will give you audience.

    If you can't make a tool(service). You can create blog(website) to solve problem of your audience. But I will recommend you to go with tool(as it is more effective). You can hire a freelancer(or even me for website or app development). But it will be best if you build yourself.

  3. Create content around that product
  4. Create content around the product or on your tool (which you make in step1) and provide value to your audience. This content should provide value and create a clear picture of your product on your audience eyes. How you will give value? You can provide content through social media or website. This value providing content can be provided in video or text or picture format. This content will create awareness for your product(that you want to affiliate) or your tool (that you create in step 1).

  5. Find a way to promote that product (free/paid)
  6. For promoting your product you have 2 methods - free & paid. Free methods of promotion are SMO (social media groups and pages, use of hashtag and share-friendly title etc.) and SEO(to rank in search engine). I will not recommend to waste time in free. Stop waiting for search engine to rank, try paid. Why to wait for Google to rank our site? For paid promotion use SEM and SMM. Zou may run ads, native ads and FB ads etc. If you bring paid traffic(that too targeted). Then converting chances increases. Don't hold you back from spending. If you spend 1-2$ per click and you will earn 5-10$ easily from it. THINK SMART!

  7. Add visiter to a group(community)
  8. You have generated audience by step3. Why not to save them for our future sells? You can convert your audience into subscriber, app user, to your email list, to your fb group etc. They will also promote your product by sharing it. One more thing provide these audience the content you generate in step 2. You can also gift your followers to make then royal.

  9. Collaborate with brands and associated product for upsell
  10. In final, collaborate with brands and associated product for upsell. Upsell mean sell other related product. For example: a marriage organiser can give work to photographer or interior designer. Here every one is doing their work only. But the smart marriage organiser affiliated the photographer's product and earn extra. Like this you can upsell other's product.
    This step is very important as you are expanding your business. Think Smartly.

This was affiliate marketing blueprint. In this way you can make a tool(service). By which you will generate leads. And through the leads you will earn. Also you will collaborate with other for upsell.
I have gave you the blueprint. Now you think and put pressure on your mind. Here and there everywhere is opportunity. Which many people grab and became successful.

Every person are doing their work only. But by showing a little smartness. You can setup your business. Every thing will be autopilot. You need not to work everyday. Think Smart.

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I think you understand the blueprint. I hope you will use it and climb stairs of success. If still you have any doubt comment me below. A opportunity is waiting for you to grab.

Have a wonderful day and stay blessed!
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